Buffalo Trail Liquor (Consort, AB)

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At Buffalo Trail Liquor They sell a variety of products for your convenience. They understand that you are on the go and want to find what you are looking for quickly and at an affordable price. Whether you are stopping in to pick up some alcohol for the party you are hosting over the weekend, or simply want to pick up some wine for dinner, They are the convenient store for you.

They carry countless types of quality liquor at an affordable price. If you are looking for anything from beer to vodka, They have got you covered.

They also offer exceptional and affordable party catering and party delivery services if you don’t want to worry about your guest enjoying their drinks and time at your event.

If you are looking for a quality liquor store, visit Buffalo Trail Liquor in Consort, AB,  


5102-43rd St.
Consort, Alberta
Call (403) 577-2739


Diane M.
This liquor store was so unique that it warranted a review! 

We happened to stop in en route to Oyen to grab a couple beverages for later that evening. We noticed it at the side of the highway and decided to stop in.  Immediately we noticed how nicely laid out and artistic it was in there, my husband was really impressed with the growler bar.  

I noticed that the selection was very different from your typical liquor store, they had some brands that tend to be difficult to find. I wish we had entered to win their Halloween gift basket, but it’s quite the drive to get back to Consort.  

Absolutely not your typical liquor store, this was more of a beautifully decorated boutique style store with interesting displays, fun products and retention programs such as their growler bar punch cards. 

To my surprise, the prices were on par with the discount places in Edmonton. 

Well done, Buffalo Trail Liquor, you’ve done a great job with your space!



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