History and Facts on Austrailian Wines

Australian Wines

Wine is produced in every Australian state, but mainly in the southern regions.  With over 60 wine regions totalling 160,000 hectares, Australia produces several different wine varieties, with it’s  premium wines made in the cooler climate regions.

Australian made wine was first sold domestically by the 1820s, and first exported in 1822.  The production and quality of Australian wine was improved by the arrival of free settlers from various parts of Europe.  They used their skills and knowledge to establish some of Australia’s premier wine regions.

About 130 different grape varieties are used by winemakers in Australia.  Today, Australia’s most famous wine is Penfolds Grange. The vintage wine has won more than 50 gold medals over many years.

Export Markets

Australian wine accounts largely in the South Asian market and is the second largest imported wine in India, with Australia’s largest exporting country being China.

Currently Bid Wine is a distributor for CROCODILE CREEK SHIRAZ CABERNET SAUVIGNO in Canada.

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