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Bonollo Of Moscato Grappa

Whiskey - Beverage International Distributor

Background: The distillery Bonollo Umberto, was founded in 1908 by Giuseppe Bonollo, four generations producing fine grappa. Leading producers of quality Grappa since 1908.

Grape Varietal: Distillation of Moscato DOC wine dregs. Made from the pomace aka the skins, seeds, and stems left over from winemaking. The pomace is the best part of the grape it has the most aroma and flavors. The flavor profile of Grappa depends on the grape varietal used, in this case, Moscato.

Country of Origin: Italy

Technical data:

Type of bottle: 700 ml bottle

Type of Closure: cork closure

UPC: 8000672119101

Analytical data:

Alcohol content: 40 % vol.

Tasting Notes: Aromatically spicy characteristics and intensely fruity sensations are typical of the grapes from which this grappa is produced. Results in a skillful combination of elevated frankness, balance, and a final persistence that result in a lovely aqua vitae.

Food Suggestion: Grappa is a digestif. In Italy, they call grappa “healthy water” because, at the end of a rich meal, they love to sip it while relaxing and digest. You can drink it straight, but you can also use it in cocktails, cooking, or alongside an espresso. Try soaking figs in grappa for a few days and you have an instant after-dinner drink. Or try leveraging grappa’s digestif qualities and using it intermittently throughout the meal. Using the right grappa glass is key. A good grappa glass is generally tall and narrow with a slightly wider opening at the top, to allow for the aromas to be enjoyed.