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Kraut & Knolle - Premium Herbal Spirit

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Kraut & Knolle - Premium Herbal Spirit


Background:  Exquisite Eifel potatoes meet the finest local herbs. Potatoes are ripened in volcanic soil, which are distilled in a special process. Dedicated to Frederick the Great, the discoverer of the potato in Germany and his other great passion: Greyhound dogs.

Product: Distilled from exquisite Eifel potatoes cultivated in volcanic soil.

Country of Origin:  Germany

Technical data: 

  • Type of bottle : 500 ml bottle
  • Type of Closure: cork closure
  • UPC: 426273133850

Analytical data:

  • Alcohol content:  36% vol. 

Tasting Notes:  The unique composition of mild, slightly spicy potato alcohol with fresh, aromatic herbs from Eifel and sweet, varied and exotic ingredients results in a herbal spirit that simply ticks all the boxes. The varied interplay between nose and palette, between freshness, spiciness and light sweetness ensures pure enjoyment and makes this drink the perfect digestif for every occasion.